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Welcome to the Schools Directory.
A summary of our services is given below.

News and Information Services

The Schools Directory: find every school in the UK

UK Education News: the only service that covers every education story as it appears. Just click on the story that interests you and read it in full. It runs continuously and is completely free.

Your subjectí»s news emailed twice a week to your email in-box. Ití»s free, we never reveal your email address to anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

The weekly product review. One email per week reviewing one product or service directly related to the school subject of your choice. Ití»s free and as always we never reveal your email address to anyone.

The School Procurement Directory ĘC listing thousands of companies, with products to sell into schools. Complete with products and phone numbers.

The Schools News Review service. A selection of three or four news and reviews taken from our other services and published on a single site for you to browse each day.

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