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What's the difference between Atom and the umpteen-million comedy websites out there? Plenty...

1. We're a mix of indie and mainstream media. As an internet startup now owned by MTV Networks, we give "the kids" what they love about the Web and television (endless random hilarity and video that doesn't suck, respectively). If we all work together, Web comedy can be so much more than just videos of guys lighting their farts on fire.

2. We've been around the block. We've spent the past 10 years (formerly as AtomFilms) discovering hilarious, talented filmmakers and unleashing them on an unsuspecting internet. Our formula is simple: Find talented people, make them famous across the Web and beyond, and pay them well. In return we've found that they bring us more funny content, the cycle continues, and everyone lives happily ever after.

3. Funny from all directions. We provide consistent quality of content because we offer so many ways for great videos to get noticed: A) Atom Studio funds/develops original programming from some of today's brightest comedy minds (check 'em out here). B) The Atom Content Team scours the Internet for content to license; and C) We receive hundreds of uploads per day from budding talent across the Web.

4. We're tight with the world's biggest comedy brand. We recently partnered up with Comedy Central to develop new Web series and videos with some of the funniest people around. They're also putting our Atom TV series on the network in late-night (set your DVR).

5. We're more than a website. The Web is what we call home, but you can find Atom videos on just about any screen that plays video. Your computer. Your mobile phone. Your iPod. Your TV. According to our fancy sales team, that makes us a 'convergent entertainment network'.

6. Big-time access for web video creators. Lots of sites accept uploads. But Atom offers amateur creators a way to Go Pro. Successful user video uploads at Atom reach a huge audience, earn money, and can gain distribution across the Web, on phones, and even on Comedy Central. (Check out our weekly Upload Showdown.)

7. Bottom line the sh*t's funny. Have you seen this video? Or this one? Or this? How about this one?

8. And oh yeah we've got TWO Will Ferrells. This one, and this one. Granted, they've never been cast members on Saturday Night Live. But they are ours.

So if you're here to watch something funny, you're in luck. If you make funny videos, find out how to Go Pro with Atom. If you're with the media, make sure to see our Press page. And if you're an advertiser, please get in touch with our sales team soon; ad inventory sells out quickly.

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