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Films for the Humanities and Sciences  Films for the Humanities and Sciences

Films for the Humanities and Sciences (FFH&S) is the largest distributor of videos and CD-ROMs to schools, colleges, and libraries in North America.

FFH&S was founded in 1959 and has been located in Princeton, New Jersey, since 1972. Its founders were Harold and Marianne Mantell. Harold was an independent filmmaker, and Marianne was a keen businesswoman. They started the company in order to distribute cultural (literature and arts) programs produced by Harold¡ªmany of which we still distribute today¡ªand then acquired titles by other producers.

Unofficial motto or driving philosophy behind the company: FFH&S prides itself on providing the world¡¯s best educational audiovisual materials¡ªon videocassette and CD-ROM¡ªto schools and libraries all over North America.

What distinguishes FFH&S from other educational distributors?

Three things. First, quality: we represent the world¡¯s preeminent producers. We distribute programs from ABC News, Discovery and The Learning Channel, HBO, Public Affairs Television (Bill Moyers), the BBC, BBC¡¯s Open University, NHK, Canal+, La Sept-Arte, Channel 4, and CBC, just to name a few. Second, exclusivity: well over 95 percent of our materials are exclusive to FFH&S in North America. Also, we are the exclusive distributors for the BBC and the Open University in the U.S. Third, marketing: we publish 150-plus catalogs and promotions a year in virtually every curricular area, from African-American Studies to Women¡¯s Studies. We mail over eight million catalogs a year, each addressed directly to instructors in specific disciplines.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences

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