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The Best Colleges - Film Schools  The 10 Best Film Schools In The United States in 2015

What is it that makes one film school superior to another? The process of creating a film, regardless of whether it is art, cinema, documentary or an event, or regardless of where it is filmed – Wyoming, Wisconsin, West Virginia – requires knowledge in a variety of areas. Camera operators must understand the theory behind film, the technology necessary to capture events on film and the knowledge to produce a meaningful series of images which convey the intended meaning behind the film. A good film school will teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the functions required to accomplish this. An excellent film school will produce graduates who have developed an inherent understanding of what must be done, the creativity to produce unique projects and the ability to successfully implement their ideas. Developing a curriculum which matures each studenta€?s natural abilities and cultivates an advanced understanding of what makes great film is essential to significant success in the commercial or private film industry.

Camera operators will need to understand the foundational premises of a number of subject matters. Attaining an understanding of the areas of journalism, communications, marketing, graphic design, computers and photography are all valuable. Each field provides knowledge essential to the production of meaningful films. Students may need to develop a more in depth understanding of certain areas based on the type of film in which they intend to work. Certain schools may provide a general overview of the field but may concentrate more in one area than another. Schools which offer strong degree programs in film will provide sufficient training in each area to ensure graduates are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the entire industry, not just small segments which barely cover the vital areas. By encompassing all of the subjects relevant to the film industry as a whole, students will be given the opportunity to explore the various areas of focus and make an informed decision as to where their strengths lie and which specialty is most relevant to their abilities.

With the high level of competition expected for individuals vying for positions in the film industry, choosing the right school will be important. Graduates entering the film industry will need to rely substantially on the reputation of the school where the degree is earned to provide an advantage over other applicants applying for the same position. A limited number of entry level positions are expected to be available over the next several years. Competition for the available positions will be fierce. With limited practical experience, the quality of the education received by a candidate will be the factor employers will consider most when making a decision. Selecting a school ranked among the top in the nation will provide the advantage needed.

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The Best Colleges - Film Schools

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