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Find and compare film schools, film degree programs, and workshops in the United States and abroad. And see our articles and film career guide to help start or advance your career as a director, producer, editor, or writer.

The film industry attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. Learn what's important in selecting a film school, find out about funding sources, and get the latest film school news.

Motion pictures and television reach into our lives everyday. Like a mirror they reflect the world we share. While it is true that this reflection can be very distorted, still we see it and are affected and changed by it. Along with "the pen," moving images have the power to instill ideas in us and reveal things to us that we have never seen; and, like "the pen," they are mightier than the sword.

The Industry

It takes many people working collaboratively in a variety of specialized fields to produce the films and programs we see on the screen and TV. All one has to do is sit through the closing credits of a movie to have some idea of the number of persons involved.

Organizing this host of people are the directors and producers. While the respective roles of each may vary from production to production, they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the artistic content of the final creation.

But while it is a given that these people must have a thorough understanding of the TV/motion picture business, so too must everyone else who works on a show share some understanding of how each person's work fits in with everyone else's. For this reason film school is an ideal means for learning the basics associated with the film industry.

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