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Colorado Film School  Colorado Film School - Study Directing, Writing, Producing

Located in Denver, Colorado Film School has been identified by International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Magazine as one of the "superlative" film programs in the country.

The mission of the Colorado Film School is three-fold:

1. The Colorado Film School is dedicated to pre-professional training of students planning careers in the film and video industries. It focuses on the intersection of art, technology and commerce as it relates to narrative audio/video techniques. An educational philosophy that encourages industry-engaged projects and hands-on instructional methods underlies the program.

Students who complete the program have a professional level portfolio and are qualified to either work anywhere in the field of their chosen emphasis or continue their education in a graduate program.

2. The Colorado Film School acts as a catalyst for local film and video production, challenging, enabling, and stimulating growth through original production, state-of-the-art training and through development of a strong, diverse pool of Colorado residents who are skilled in all aspects of the film and video industries.

3. The Colorado Film School aims to serve as an industry-wide resource for research and development in production by expanding its boundaries of technology and creative expression, and by exploring new models for funding and distributing film and video production.

Colorado Film School

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