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Earn your film degree in a classroom or online today! Find schools for film, video, cinematography and digital video with

The Hollywood Reporter The Top 25 Film Schools in the United States 2015

So, you want to be a director. Or a screenwriter. Or a sound engineer. Or maybe you just want to take a class on independent movie producing taught by Matthew McConaughey. Whatever your dream, there's a film school in the United States or abroad (see sidebar) that wants your tuition check.

Wikipedia List of film schools in the United States

In the United States, there are numerous institutions both public and private dedicated to teaching film either as a department in a larger university, or as a stand-alone entity.

Wikipedia: Film Schools Film school

A film school is any educational institution dedicated to teaching aspects of filmmaking, including such subjects as film production, film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting.

Film School at New York Film Academy Film School at New York Film Academy

In this day and age, there are seemingly countless film schools for aspiring filmmakers to choose from, but it is the best film schools that not only immerse students in the fundamentals of filmmaking, but also provide hands-on training to best prepare them to achieve a successful career in film.



Colorado Film School Colorado Film School - Study Directing, Writing, Producing

Located in Denver, Colorado Film School has been identified by International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Magazine as one of the "superlative" film programs in the country.

The Best Colleges - Film Schools The 10 Best Film Schools In The United States in 2015

What is it that makes one film school superior to another? The process of creating a film, regardless of whether it is art, cinema, documentary or an event, or regardless of where it is filmed Wyoming, Wisconsin, West Virginia requires knowledge in a variety of areas.

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