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It¡¯s about Car Deals¡­ Simplified! CarWale exists to empower car consumers and deliver a hassle free car research and buying experience. In last one year we have served more than 10 million Indian car consumers and have influenced approximately $3bn of car transactions in India.

Since its inception, CarWale has been acknowledged as the market leader in the category and honored with many prestigious awards including the Red Herring Asia Top 100, BusinessWeek¡¯s Top 25 young entrepreneurs in Asia and PCWorld Web Award for best automotive website.

CarWale is owned by Automotive Exchange Pvt Ltd and is backed by India¡¯s leading early stage venture capital firm Seedfund and top tier US venture fund Sierra Ventures.

CarWale offers a complete consumer-focused service that includes content and tools for exhaustive research, pricing and marketplace information. As consumers research and make purchase decisions, CarWale connects them with automotive manufacturers, finance and insurance companies, allowing them to make the best decisions for their automotive purchases.

CarWale has created what could be India¡¯s first used car and new car price guide. We provide the on-road price of almost all cars being sold in India in 300+ Indian cities. We also serve 8000 used car value checks every day and had served more than 2 million so far. Our Recommend Me A Car is used by more than one thousand new car buyers every day. Our used car listings have grown from 500 in Oct¡¯ 05 to around 15000 listings currently. CarWale offers more than 400,000 pages of car research, tips-advices, road-tests etc.

¡­if you are passionate or even mad about cars, feel free to reach us. We are equally crazy and will be glad to have you here in creating a world-class company which is set to revolutionize the way people buy, sell and manage cars. If you have any feedback, do let us know.


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